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This summer the vegas2vegas team embarked on an amazing 3,000 mile journey across Europe to meet with people affected by HIV/AIDS.

We hoped to discover what difference HIV treatment is making to people’s lives and came back with an amazing story.

We went in search of the passions of those affected by HIV/AIDS and what access to HIV treatment means for the people we met. Celebrating their talents and ambitions to highlight what makes us the same rather than what makes us different.

We spoke to those directly affected, HIV activists, documentary makers, and those helping develop HIV treatment.

Vegas2venice aims to put the topic of HIV/AIDS back on the radar of people’s consciousness within the UK in a fresh new way for young people.

The end result is an inventive, 4-part documentary which takes you on a crazy ride by getting to know the people affected by this disease in lots of different countries and cultures.

Dale Beaumont-Smith
Jamie Hay