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Thank you for supporting us and helping take care
of our kids at Arms Around The Child and we look
forward to your future support.
Ellie Milner
Executive Director of Arms Around the Child

Arms Around the Child believes in a world where children living extreme adversity have their lives transformed into a bright future. Just like our own children, they deserve happiness, hope and respect.

For the past 2 years we have been fundraising for the incredible children's charity Arms Around the Child. When we first approached them we rolled out a map of the world and said we'd like to visit every country in the world in the fastest time in history to raise money for their charity.

They were the first people not to respond to us with a look that said have you guys lost your marbles! Instead they said "let's make it happen". Their attitude to changing the world is inspiring and motivating and we're proud to be an official guardian for the charity.

And whilst the "big trip" may be a little while off we hope we can inspire and encourage you to get involved yourself. Get in touch with Arms Around the Child today and discover what amazing things you could accomplish.